Start Your Journey to Building Leadership Effectiveness Today!


“We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them. ”

At Insight Edge we believe that leaders hold the key to their own solutions. Our role is to facilitate the process and guide individuals and teams to discover those answers.

Insight Edge partners with you to identify leadership needs, current strengths, and opportunities. By providing individualized development support, we equip leaders with insights and tools to optimize their contribution to the organization.

At Insight Edge, coaching assists leaders in:

  • Identifying priorities
  • Improving working relationships
  • Creating an environment through coaching and development for higher performing teams
  • Targeting strategies that achieve results
  • Modeling and holding others accountable.

The coaching process is designed in partnership with you:

  • Assessment: Utilizing a 360 assessment and other cutting-edge tools, your individual strengths in combination with areas that require further development are identified. Individualized goals are developed to address your specific developmental needs.
  • Coaching: Goals are addressed through a series of regularly scheduled one on one sessions. The length of the engagement may vary based on your needs, and that of the individual and team.
  • Sustainability: Periodic check-ins occur to ensure your continued growth and development
"We as leaders are often high performing and expected to be A+ performers but there is always some incremental skills or techniques that we can develop. Karen is the perfect coach to identify, nurture and unleash those hidden potentials. She is super personable and a joy to collaborate with. I highly recommend her.”
Biplab Mandel
Executive VP, Services & Strategy, Avtex